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.... and if one fell sick, retired or died ? Business protection arrangements can be vital to the business' survival !
What is Business Protection and what does it have to do with a mortgage and insurance specialist ?
A not unreasonable question and one I am happy to answer .....
Businesses are very little different to families - lose a key member (and their earning potential) permanently or even for a few months and the impact on the whole business can be considerable.
Additional issues also arise where loans and/or shareholdings sit with a partner or private investor in the event of their illness or death - in such circumstances the family (or executors) of the 
investor are often keen to liquidate the value of such investments to support and/or distribute amongst that person’s family and/or beneficiaries. Without a replacement source of funding the future of the company - even if trading successfully in its own right - can be jeopardised!
The placement of appropriate insurance policies written to the benefit of the company (or partnership etc) can protect against both of the above circumstances.
If you feel that your continued business success is dependent upon the skills or continuing investment of specific individuals please talk to me about how we can protect your business against the loss of them.
We can also provide various commercial funding arrangements for mortgaging of commercial or split use properties (see our relevant page within the mortgages section), asset refinancing (including car fleets) or commercial bridging loans against property.
I have a new website currently being developed at, giving more extensive information on these areas of my product portfolio.
Janet Hall is an appointed representative of TenetLime Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
TenetLime Ltd is entered on the FCA register ( under reference 311266.
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