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Are you happy gambling with your (and their) future ?
Lets be honest ! Life itself is a gamble - you can’t know how its all going to pan out.
Long, happy with secure employment and many years of good health in front of you and your family ?
While we sincerely hope so - inevitably, not everyone is so lucky !
We all hate looking at inherently depressing statsistics and what can go wrong with our lives, but - before deciding whether taking insurance is a good bet or not - please give the following basic statistics some thought ......
One in three UK residents will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. Approximately
300,000 new cases of cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) are diagnosed each year in the UK. Approximately 25% of deaths from cancer occur before 65 years of age. (SOURCE: Cancer Research UK)
The risk of dying between 35 & 65 years of age in the UK has been calculated at 1 in 14 (for men) and 1 in 22 (for women) BUT the likelihood of suffering from a serious or chronic illness (potentially affecting ability to work/earn - as a result of being off work for more than six months) during the same period are 26 times greater. (SOURCE: Bandolier - Oxford Medical Research Group 2007 / DWP WPLS data)
There are around 425,000 burglaries and 49,000 house fires every year - the houses affected belong to people like you. (SOURCE: Home Office Statistics)
During July - December 2010 290,000 UK employees were made redundant. (SOURCE: Office for National Statistics)
It is not always possible to insure against every eventuality, but - particularly for those of you with dependents - what you should cover for needs careful consideration. I am qualified to provide advice on and arrange policies from a wide selection of insurers for life, critical illness, unemployment, income protection and private medical insurances as well as home and contents cover. I provide further information within this site with regard to all these policies and would be pleased to discuss your possible options with you.

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