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Gone - and hopefully remembered for leaving your family properly looked after as a result of well written wills and trusts
You have no intention of ‘parting this mortal’ in the foreseeable future - and you probably know where you want your money to go if you did.
BUT every day, up and down the country people do die unexpectedly and without the detailed paperwork in place to ensure that their wishes and promises are met.
If the paperwork is missing (or even just incorrectly written or filed) then the law of succession will apply - and the misery and upset caused can be considerable. 
Simply put, you owe it to your loved ones to ensure they are looked after as you intended (how would you feel if that insurance policy you have paid for over the years went for another purpose than that which you planned).
The only way this can be ensured is by the use of trusts and wills.
The Law Society reports that one in three people in the UK die intestate (other sources suggest the figure is much higher) - that is to say without correct (or any) instructions in place on the handling of their estate (in which case the law of succession applies). In many cases where are the will does exist, it either has not been revised to reflect changes in circumstance and the actual wishes of the deceased - or has been revoked by way of subsequent marriage or divorce (or change of status in civil partnership).
Trusts are a way to effectively write a ‘mini will’ specifically with relation to benefits of a particular insurance (there are many other applications for trusts) removing these from distribution by your estate - there are added benefits in ringfencing such benefits in terms of speed of distribution, protection against debts of the estate, reduction of Inheritance Tax liability and ensuring use of funds for specific purposes.
We are pleased to review and advise on your will and insurance/trust position at any time.
The Financial Services Authority does not regulate this product Janet Hall acts as introducer

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax and Trust Planning. Janet hall does not normally charge for the writing of trusts on insurances arranged by herself. For some of the services described on this page Janet Hall acts as an introducer to the service provider(s).

Janet Hall is an appointed representative of TenetLime Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. TenetLime Ltd is entered on the FCA register ( under reference 311266.

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